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Formed in 2017, the TIME DWELLERS blend anything from rock to prog, funk, and jazz to compose a potpourri of songs that are still coherent and cohesive. Novum Aurora showcases a musical landscape filled with mellotron, 12-string guitar, synthesizers, grooving rhythms, thrilling guitar solos and imaginative existential lyrics delivered from a whisper to a lion’s roar. In a world that's growing more cynical by the minute, where popular music, at the same rate, is getting saturated and bland, the TIME DWELLERS set out to put a blanket around you and soothe your aching soul, while not fearing any musical limits and borders. Novum Aurora is an album with a lyrical theme about the apocalypse, the direction we are headed, but also of hope and beauty, that there will be a new dawn, perhaps a spiritual awakening. We are all Time Dwellers in the sense that we live here and now in the present. There is no future, there is no past, there is only now. Transform and transcend along with your fellow Time Dwellers! You are the sun, it’s time to rise and shine.